who are we?  we are the people that were told as kids that we could be whatever we wanted to be.  we spent time trying different things out but when we landed on photography we fell in love with it and then figured out how to get paid for it.  deb started studying photography in high school when her art teacher taught her to build a pinhole camera.  then she moved to nashville after college and worked as an apprentice.  after she met mike and he brought all the technical knowledge that she was missing, they became the dynamic duo of wedding photo/ cinema!we have been shooting weddings since 2006.  we have been married since 2007.  we've been back in houston since 2008.  and we've been proud parents to the cutest kids in the world since 2010.  we are christians.  we are travelers.  we are hard workers.  we like to make our own beer.  mike likes to shoot large format photography.  deb likes to get pedicures.  we're laid back but we're professional.  we're creative but we're organized.  we take our jobs very seriously but we have a blast when we are at work!that's just a little bit about us.  we would love to get to know you more.  we think photography and cinematography are personal and we want you to feel like you have a friend in the room with you.  so let's meet!  give us a call and we'll set something up.  see you soon!