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Hi! Welcome to MD Turner Photography.

M stands for Mike and D stands for Deb. We're a husband and wife team and we absolutely love what we do! For us, photography is about telling a story through images with the purpose of eliciting an emotion, triggering a memory, or even calling you to action. That's why we love wedding photography. Where is there more emotion than at a wedding? You have love, excitement, joy, anticipation, maybe a little anxiety, and sometimes bittersweetness too. Photography is personal. We want you to walk away from your experience saying 'Wow, I love the photos we got and I love Mike and Deb too. That was fun!"

On this site, you can see our latest work by checking out our blog. You can learn about the categories of photography that we focus on my clicking through our portfolio links. The engagement link is also a good place to sort our work by location and get an idea of where you would like to do your shoot! You can learn a little bit more about us and the things we are passionate about. And don't worry, you can also find out how much it costs. We try to be very straightforward about that. I always tell people that there are 3 things you want to check out when you are looking for a photographer. Do you like their style? Are they worth what they charge? And, just as important, do you like them personally? We hope this site will help you say yes to all three!


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